If I Won the Lottery: 5 things to buy

Each of us wanted him to do if he wins the lottery. Of course, first of all, they all want to solve their financial problems. But that you can buy right after winning the big jackpot? Most of the winners of the big plans and carefully plan their purchases.

Here are 5 things that winners purchase in their first place!

5. Smart home.

Smart homeThe general opinion of Statistics says that the winners want to have a new home. This most often happens because people don’t want to rent a house and start a new life in a comfortable and very luxurious own home. The way most people surveyed dream of winning big mansion.

Investing in estate is the best investment. If it is not a home for family, this may be plots of land or a country house. Over time, this cost of the house or the land will rise and you can do a good profit. Your new home, you can add a few changes that will add value to it in the future. For example, make a large heated swimming pool in the basement, or make your own home cinema.

If you are missing your own ideas or fantasies, you can hire a professional. It will help you make a good investment and equip your new home.

4. Luxury car.

Luxury carNow your options have no boundaries, so you wanted to buy after a large home? In this category are the new chic cars. This purchase is deserved is the second most coveted rating shopping. Winners dream of Mustang, Maserati, Ferrari and BMW.

In 2015, the winners most of all buy a new BMW, because they think this car is very comfortable and beautiful. Even the manufacturer calls its cars the most clean, luxurious and common buyers.

Nevertheless, many prefer the Ford Mustang, probably because of its sensational popularity. These vehicles are characterized by their power that attracts the male winners. Women are choosing practicality and beautiful appearance than the power and other characteristics.

3. The boat or yacht.

YachtSome sat winners in the survey said that he loved to travel. They want to buy a boat, not to be limited to tickets and travel places. Maybe you belong to this category of people who want to have a boat or a yacht.

Good boat or yacht is worth a lot, but it’s a great option for you. Buy a yacht means to travel with your family or friends. This boat is about 200 meters in length includes everything needed for a long journey. Why not indulge in a purchase that costs about 20 or 30 million dollars.

2. Own Island.

Own IslandMaybe you’re a fan of the series Lost. Do you like movies where the characters live on the island and nobody bothers? Deep down, you thought about how they live on a deserted island, far from civilization. If you are a millionaire you and your finances permit, you can buy your island.

Buying your own island sounds like a real dream, but it turns out the world is the island that is for sale. There is a large list of islands throughout the world, they are not very big, but for a small house or a bungalow that’s enough.

If you really think about buying an island, then make a list of needed items. There you can not buy in the store what you need.

1. Money.

MoneyYou can not miss this important point in this category of the most popular shopping and desires. The winners won a huge prize, and they are thinking about how to make more money. There is a big difference about what you want and what you are doing. You need to know how to correct to put money in the future to have one income.

How many people say, if you already have the money you always want more. Give if you bought a house, eventually you can sell it much more expensive. Just to consider other investments in profitable business or own a company. To do this, many winners hire financial professionals to help them properly invest. Ask your financial advisor about investing money, and they will advise you to short-term investments, stocks or bonds. We do not advise you to do it yourself, because you can lose not only the money invested but also get debts.

Try yourself in lottery, and get chance to buy one of this things you can here!

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