Great lottery winning of huge sum of money!

There was a lottery in Waller in Texas, where this lucky lady purchased a ticket, which needs to be screeched off, and got $1.000.000.

Lotto TicketsShe was taking part in a $200,000,000 Cash Blowout, as it is very attractive and rewarding -several prizes are possible and several rounds. The rest prizes, except the main one, were $1.000.000 each and the woman claimed them all.

A shop in Hempstead was the one, where this lucky purchase has been made. It must be paid bonuses of $10.000 as a retailer.

There were six main prizes, each of $1.000.000. Except of this there were also another part of six prizes, which cost $100.000 each. Nobody won them according to what was told finally after the game.

The total sum of the prizes in a lottery -$200.000.000 – and even more as it has been lately counted. The chances to get the ticket with a prize here are high – every 2 people have a chance.

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