♥ 10 best romantic gifts for her ♥

Take a look at best list of presents for her ever! Get ready to Valentine’s day!

     1.Winning lottery ticket

Well, until you buy ticket and wait till the proclaiming of results you won’t know whether it is winning or not, but, in any case, you will sit together waiting for results. Real adrenalin right in front of your TV screen. And can you imagine the reaction of your girlfriend if you win? For example, 1$ billion…not bad, at all, it will be the best present so far! So play lottery!

lotterytickets      2. New sites in old places

Be resourceful. Enough brunches of flowers and sweets and chocolates. Well, maybe, you can use  all these predictable gifts, but only as addition to something else, more interesting and original. Maybe, you don’t have enough money of enough time to go somewhere for a romantic weekend. So, try to find some interesting places in your hometown or near it. You will be surprised with the number of some interesting places and sites, you’ve never been to and you’ve newer heard about. Find out what your girlfriend might like and come on, turn on your imagination!

city      3. Make something yourself

It is always very nice to receive something that your beloved one made himself. It’s much more romantic, than getting something that was purchased in nearest shop in a hurry. YouTube is full of trainings, you can learn there how to make almost everything! Why not to make you own valentine? Or you can create photo frame with some pictures of special moments. Use your imagination and surprise your girlfriend! You could use a game of Scrabble to write your name and name of your beloved, join them with the word «love» and glue somewhere, on a vase, foe example, on on your handmade photo frame or candlestick, find the best variant! Use other decoration, like little hearts, dried flowers, of something else. Your girlfriend will be impressed!


     4. Chocolate bars or sweets

This is a variant without risk of loss. Well, if you girlfriend likes chocolate, of course. Don’t even doubt that you could not make good homemade chocolate. It is very simple, so you will succeed, for sure! To make your chocolates more thematic, you can buy some forms of hearts, angels, Cupid and so on. Think of presentation, some additional decorations (candles and rose petals will fit perfectly) and your present is ready!

sweets       5. Revert to the beginning

Your pair already has its history, no matter how long you are together. You met somewhere, had a first date, kissed for a first time, had sex, bought first present. Saint Valentine’s Day is a perfect reason to recall all important events, you had together (main thing is not to mess up your memories and your ex-girlfriends, so be careful!). But, if you won’t muddle up facts and places (and girlfriends, of course) the surprise will be great. If not, take care and try ti survive! Well, it’s a joke, of corse. If you’re not sure about some facts and places, ask you girlfriend, be sure, she remembers every detail.

couple        6. Pyjama

It’s a very intimate thing of wardrobe, so be very careful with your choice! Be sure, your girlfriend will appreciate such a gift, cause it means that you are close enough, moreover, she will understand that your attitude to her is serious and you take care of her. Also, you will prove that you are ready to normal, adult relations. It is a very important thing foe every girl, no one wants to go out with child. Also, the question about territory. If you offer your beloved to leave pyjama at your place, she will understand that you enjoy her presence in your life and in your apartment.

pijama         7. Make surprise, be unpredictable

Try to think of 12 best dates you can prepare. Maybe romantic picnic near the sea at night? Of evening on a roof? Well, gather ideas and write description of each date. Then, you can make cards for your girlfriend. Write as minimum information, as possible. For example only date, time and required clothes. Within a month (or maybe two), she will be chomp at the bit to meet with you and find out what you prepared this time. Celebration will last for a long time and your girlfriend will be happy to inquire that yiu can be romantic more that once or twice a year.

surprise         8. Make something crazy

Decorate her car, why not? It is very romantic and sweet. Write something pleasant on her cowling (but don’t go too far, write and scratch aren’t same things). Draw a heart, write her name, or something she will like, you can also use some ribbons and so on. But don’t flatter yourself with termination of such a surprise. It will be you who is going to clean car, not she.

baloon       9. Special offers for your beloved

Create your own coupons. Be ready to clean house, tidy rooms, wash up, go shopping and so and so on. Of course, you can write on a coupons something else, that will be more pleasant for you than housekeeping staff. Use your imagination!

clean        10. Coffee in bed

Well, you can prepare full breakfast, it will be perfect! Bake some buns or pancakes of simply go to a closest bakery and buy croissants, a bid of decoration, flowers, sweet words and you girlfriend will be happy whole day long.


Happy St. Valentine`s Day!

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