$5m lottery jackpot was won by former firefighter

A former firefighter worked for many years and his lungs were damaged because of the smoke. Now he can breathe easier because he won the $ 5 million in a lottery.

Carmelo Mercado wears a red cap FDNY and smiling, because he took his check to the huge amount of money.

firefighterEx firefighter, is now 63 years old, finally felt real financial freedom.

Mercado has worked 27 years in the battalion 49 in Astoria. He spent two days looking for the victims when there was a crash occurred on 11 September. Later, he started to have problems with breathing, and then developed lung disease.

He said that his breathing was difficult and he did not want to be so in front of his comrades.

Now he is divorced and lives in Harriman. He brings up a 10-year-old daughter. Carmelo bought a ticket when he went to the store on Queens Boulevard. There, he decided to try his strength and have a good luck. When he saw a sign with the lottery, he bought a scratch ticket.

“I bought a ticket and forget about it” – said Mercado. “There has been a lot of tickets, but I chose at number 25, as it is the date of my birth.

This was a huge gift for the Carmel from the fate.

“Holy mackerel looks exactly like $ 5 million,” he said.

Mercado phoned his best friend, Joe, and said that all became beautiful. He said that all things in life became more beautiful and brighter.

moneyAfter he won the jackpot, Mercado phoned to his son. He does not mention his name, but his son is 39 years and he also works in the fire department.

“I have not told you that I had won a few million” – said Carmelo to his son. On what he replied, that the whole town had already known about it.”

Mercado will be able to pick up only $ 3.3 million, because he needs to pay the tax. Such rules exist in the lottery, officials said.

Mercado, like any other lottery winner, has big plans for the money. First he wants to pay for all medical bills, because he is still had treatment.

He wants to buy a house near Disney World, and also to go to the trip or cruise.

“We’re going as a family for every holiday and it would be wonderful if it will be our own home, not rent.”

Another in the to-do list, how to spend this prize, Carmelo wants to buy 10 Big American Dolls for his small daughter.

Of course I will help my family and provide them with all necessary. This year Christmas gifts will be much larger than in the past,” said Carmelo.firefighters helmet


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