Among the lottery winners are growing fever pitch!

Last week a Lotto game was held as a usual and suddenly, those taking place in the game, got under a huge excitement. This happened because of a jackpot, which took place three times one by one. The sum of jackpot counted to be around $10.400.00. There has also been a EuroMillions game, which took place on Friday. There people got jackpots, which size was around $22.000.000. The excitement of people could be partially described because of the Bank Holiday, which is held in spring every year, together with such huge and lucky winnings.

Lottery ballsHere are the results, which helped to make a triple jackpot in the latest lotto game on Wednesday – 06, 09, 22, 38, 39, 41. There also was one number, which became a special bonus. A winning situation could take place in case of someone matched all these numbers, including the bonus one. Then this person could get an incredible sum of £7.714.351. But… Maybe the next time. But five entries were able to match five numbers and a bonus and won £46.530.

Also 136 players won £1.452, which is also a good result. They matched only five numbers without a bonus one. The others matched four numbers and won £129. There were 8.048 players. And finally those, who matched only three numbers, won £25. They were 154,580 people.

All in all according to the information there were 51 winners on Wednesday in this lotto game. There was one number of the Lotto, which promised a guarantee of £1.000 to those, who will be lucky to match it.

Numbers, which were overdue, didn’t appear in the game on Wednesday. There are numbers, which should be watched for – 6, 13, 12, 08, 26, 02. This triple jackpot will be £10.400.000. But there is also a double jackpot taking place. So, here players should be attentive to the next numbers – 16, 41, 15, 09, 33. And it is important to remember about the lucky numbers 04 and 05.

Such situations as triple or double jackpots in the Lottery game are not a frequent action in EuroMillions.The situation, when triple jackpot goes right after double jackpot is even rare. But still such things happen sometimes and more and more people now want to become lucky, buying tickets. Remember about staying safe and do not miss this lucky chance – register all your tickets and make sure that you didn’t lose anything. And who knows, maybe these holidays will bring good surprises for you, and maybe the surprises will be several, not just one.

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