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Where to get your prize

If you were lucky enough to win the lottery, here are some tips on how to claim your so-much-wished-for prize.

There are few ways of getting it for the offline players, depending on the size of it. Prizes under £100 are to be picked up from the store, where you purchased the ticket. If your prize is somewhat between £100 and £500, you can also try and claim it in the same store. However, it is up to the retailer to decide whether it is possible or not, so you may have to reach the official lottery centre instead of the retailer’s office to claim the award.

If you win more than that, there is absolutely no way of getting it from the store. You need to go to the Post Office to receive the prize from £1000 up to £5000. You can also reach the official phone line of the National Lottery. For the winners of Euro jackpots and all the other prizes that are more than £50 000 there is only one option. These winners must reach the National Lottery official line no earlier than one day after the announcement of the results. And if you opted for the online game, all the money you won, even Euro jackpot, will be deposited automatically right into your account. And you can still contact the official Lottery line.

Remember, that you have only 180 days to claim your Euromillions prize, if the ticket was purchased from the online store. The key reason to purchasing Euromillions tickets online is that you will get your prize straight to your bank account.


Super Draws

That is something that happens only a few times a year. Despite anything, the jackpot is always set to £80 million, and rounds go just like a usual Euro draw after the first one.

This December 618 000 participants all over the continent were able to get their hands on the cash. There was no huge jackpots, but all people who managed to match their lucky numbers could get €451,426 each.

People from 17 countries participated, but all the big prizes went to Finnish participants. Many other people got €79,663 for 5 numbers, €7,70 for 2 and one Euro number, €2,747 for 4 mail and 2 Euro.


Christmas Day happy new draw

For the most special Christmas Day draw, the jackpot will hit the unbelievable €40 million. Of course, you already have the list of the things that will cheer you up this day, all that clothes and gadgets. Although that “little” lottery prize will sure do better than them all.

November 13-th was one lucky day for the German who got €32.6 million on Eurojackpot, which was the last top prize won. After 5 great rollovers, one Finnish received his €46,1 million in July.

Who knows, maybe you could be the next mystery winner. Try spending Christmas with a game of fun. Eurojackpot could help all your resolutions to finally come true. You can purchase tickets online or pick them up from the nearest store.

The luckiest British lotto winner has finally claimed his jackpot that is as much as £162 million

The ticket holder, who wished to stay out of the eye of a public, has finally claimed his award that is the biggest Euromillions prize in the history.

The spokespeople from National Lottery did not confirm whether it was a one extremely lucky person, or the whole group is to split and enjoy this truly great windfall.

The only thing they shared was that when getting his prize, the ticket holder was still deciding whether he should show himself to the public or just stay out of it all.

The draw took place this Tuesday and the lucky numbers revealed the largest jackpot in the whole Europe, which is the amount of £161 653 000.

14 thrilling rollovers took place that week just before the tremendous price that automatically puts the winner among the richest people was won.

Just as this usually happens, no one showed up to claim the win immediately, and that way the punter was considered by the public to care so little that he could actually lose his lucky ticket.

There was so much speculation on the issue between all the people, that The Sun placed the “Where’s Lolly?” question on the overall effort to figure out where the winner’s house and he himself might be. The thing was that £9 042 were already lost as no one showed up to claimed that prize for themselves.

In the same time the Euromillions’ spokesman claimed that according to the National Lottery operator the ticket holder has already managed to show up in the office and claim as much as £161 653 000, which makes the entire jackpot. That happened on the 12-th of July.

There also was another UK resident, who won the Lucky Star by matching it with 5 numbers and now has the prize of £1.7 million.

Before this week’s crashing jackpot, £113 million claimed by the winner who has also preferred to remain unknown to the public held the record for the biggest win in the UK.

Among the lucky winners who decided to go to the public, the greatest were Justine and Miguel Page with their very own £56 million. That couple is number four on the list of the richest lottery winners.

The latest lucky ones could even by themselves a good flat in the most expensive street in London. That would cost the winners somewhat like £130 million.



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