Eric Missed His UK49s Jackpot – Don’t be like Eric!

Eric Rose began playing the UK49s when he was a student at Durham University studying Business management and entrepreneurship. Figuring it was a way to occupy his free time in between classes in the afternoon, Eric began playing the UK49s lunchtime and teatime draw for the entirety of his student life…except for one afternoon, and it was the only afternoon he would have won the jackpot! It just goes to show you that if you start playing the lottery, you don’t want to miss a draw just in case.

UK49s Subscription

A subscription for the UK49s would have solved Eric’s problem and allowed him to claim his prize when his numbers came up. Despite living in Durham and being close to the bookies where the UK49s are sold, Eric couldn’t manage to get to the store and purchase his lunchtime ticket in time after a University ball the night before. “I was late for lectures as it is, so I thought I would miss the lunchtime and get back in time after class to get myself a teatime ticket” What happened to Eric is the nightmare scenario of any regular lottery player.

Coming back from class he went in to his local bookies and followed the same routine he had been doing since week 3 of his freshman year at Durham “I got my ticket slip and began filling out my numbers, my strategy has grown over time and now I pick 4-5 numbers and bet anywhere from 1-10 GBP, usually depending on how much I spent on beer the previous night!” It was while Eric was filling out his teatime UK49s ticket that he spotted on the TV the results of the lunchtime draw. “I was in shock, I thought I was still drunk!”

Eric had matched 5 numbers in the lunchtime UK49s draw, only slight problem was that he didn’t purchase a ticket and so missed out on the win. Based on his previous bets, Eric would have won anywhere from 20,000 – 90,000 GBP! Instead, Eric was sat in the bookies, filling out for the next UK49s draw with the beginning of a headache and hangover coming over him.

After sitting in silence for a while, I got up and left the bookies…after placing my bets for the teatime draw!” Eric told us that he was so embarrassed about what had happened that it took him over a month to share the story with his friends. I’ve been friends with Eric since I was in the same class with him in high school – when I heard the story I knew I had to get in touch with him and tell him about – we had a good laugh on the phone and he agreed to share the story with me, at least as warning to others!


UK49s – Still Playing, Still Winning.

Since this fateful day Eric has remained a UK49s player, even after graduating from Durham and moving down south the London. Unfortunately for Eric the only wins of note he has had since then have been the odd 3 figure win and once a win of 2,000 GBP from a 4-number pick game last summer.

Despite his awful luck, Eric prefers the UK49s to any of the other lottery games out there. A mixture of the frequency of the draws with the player power of picking what you want to bet and how much makes the UK49s a more appealing lotto draw, especially to the millennial generation that wants instant access and full control.

I will be sure to write another article on Eric the next time he wins the UK49s. You’ve got to play to win!


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