Lottery jackpot winner due to his brother

Two brothers – Declan and Damien Cavan was celebrating a good day, after they had bought a card – € 2. One of them gave the other a Lotto scratch cards – there was a result in windfall € 50,00.

Declan McManus paid € 2, then he owed his money to his brother Damien and he had spent it on Lotto, scratch cards to win € 5.

brothersUsing this amount, Damien bought all the available Scratch Card and finally won the top prize of € 500,000.

Damien was very nervous when he began to cry about this victory in Mace shop in Killeshandra. In Cavan there is a place, where both brothers worked. Declan thought that somebody will rob the store.

He said. “Declan owe me € 2, so I can got it from him and bought the ticket of the National Scratch. That Card I won by five on the scratch card, so I thought I’d buy another one.

“I bought a Scratch Card for all my cash and scratched it right there in the store – I could not believe when I saw that I had won the main prize of € 50,000!”

Declan’s brother, who worked as the excitement was going on, continued: “I was in another room and heard when Damien shouting,” Come here! Come here! “I thought, somebody wanted rob the shop!”

Damien never traveled and he wanted to spend that winning money to see the world.

He also believes that he must take care of his brother. Damian says that his brother is in need of it, or at least he had to give him back his € 2.

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