Winning ticket deadline with $16 million prize

Getting such a sum as $ 16 million – is a dream for many people.

forgot about lottery ticketBut it happens that people forget or just do not have the opportunity to take the prize. And then what happens is that it is written in the rules of distribution of prizes. Term expires on winning and people are not allowed to take the money.

Lottery organizers say it will be the biggest unclaimed prize. Since 2003, there were no such sums. Then the sum of the money amounted to more than 53 million dollars.

Residents of neighboring regions would like to try in any way to get this money. Win 16 million was for them not so great a mystery. There were many people who did not want to play the lottery; they just wanted to get this prize.

It was a sad version; ostensibly the winner was dead and can not get the win.

It was a bad option; ostensibly the winner threw the ticket winner or lost it.

There was an option, ostensibly a man from another state or country and forgot to pick up his prize.

There was a possibility that people had urgent business all these 6 months and could not get his jackpot.

Laura Winkles says that it is very strange that a person can not receive win money. This is free money that anyone will not be superfluous.

moneyThe owner of the Carrollwood shop, said that on Monday she asked about the winner an she asked each day when she walks into their store.

“Shop is one in our area, and to a large extent, most of our customers are regular,” she said. “We still have a little hope that someone will come on Thursday.”

Nydia Tannous placed an advertisement in the window of this store, she urged all customers to check their tickets for Powerball.

The store received for the sale of lottery tickets about 25 thousand dollars.

“I bought a ticket on the same day,” said Joe Fitzgerald, a local resident. He carefully checked his ticket, but it was not winning.

According to the Florida Lottery rules – if the jackpot is not claimed for 6 month from the date of the draw, “if the funds for the payment are not taken, then the jackpot will be returned to the members in their lottery sales ratio for a series of rollover jackpot.”

In Florida, around 80 percent of this amount will be used to improve education of the Trust Fund of the state. The others 20 percent goes to Florida for the continuation of games and different shares to fund further games and lotteries.

Look at the data, you can is the man who won the jackpot:

It was purchased in the market in the West Carrollwood, Village Drive in Tampa. A picture was 25 May and the winning numbers are 02, 06, 19, 21, 27 and 25.

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