Christmas Lottery in Spain 2015

The Lottery, which was held in Spain in 2014 year offered huge prizes to those, who took part in the games. All in all the sum of prizes reached more than $ All the money went to more than 28 million players.

This lottery is called in Spain as Loteria de Navidad and here are some facts about it:

  • The total amount of prizes offered in 2014 was the hugest in the history of the world’s lotteries
  • All the numbers are predefined and they are 100.000. The code, which is contained in each of them is from 0 till 99999
  • There were 160 copies of each ticket, which were totally identic
  • There were 10 shares for all tickets, each of which could be bought like a separate one
  • All the tickets together with their copies and shares totally made up 160 shares in the world
  • `The biggest prize was $4.000.000 and one in 100.000 players had a chance to get it. Also there were about 160 winners, who won a jackpot
  • The chances to win began from 1 to seven
  • If collect all the chances and ways to win – they were about 24.000.000

Christmas Lottery in SpainNews about the lottery in Spain on Christmas days

This is very popular lottery, which attracts so much attention from TV channels and shows, news and other mass media, so as different commercial and advertisement companies and simple people all over the world. All this begins in a month before the game itself and continues till its very end. There is a special ceremony, which is very popular with a lot of adults, where children, who study in a school, are invited especially to name the winning numbers. But they do it not in a simple way, but sing every number out loud. So, it takes a form of a festival and takes about three hours because of so much tickets and prizes. And then the game itself takes place until somebody wins the main top prize.

Some information about the jackpot, largest in the world

The speech is about a usual lottery in Spain, which is held during Christmas. The lottery is played once a year and is known everywhere. The first game was held much time ago – about 200 years. Since that time, there has not been a year without it. Every Christmas in Spain s associated with the lottery. You will not find more famous lottery somewhere in the world and it also offers the biggest amount of prizes in total – more than $2 billion. More than 27 million ways of getting a prize are counted and the chances to win at least something are just 1:7.

The history of the lottery

The first game occurred in far 1812. It was December. At first the aim of the lottery was to try to make people pay their taxes to the government and make them feel responsible for it. So, the owner and organizer of the lottery is the Public Administration. Two years later the lottery was moved to Madrid and was left there and by know it is held here. Now Madrid is known practically as the center of Spanish lotteries.

The way of choosing the numbers during the dray are unlike it is done in other lotteries. You will never find such a way in other countries or in other lotteries. It is done in such a way: a lot of people are gathering in a special hall in Madrid. A kind of a festival is organized, during which a students of the school choose these numbers and sing them to everybody.

Christmas in SpainMain rules of the game

100.000 tickets take part in the lottery every year. These tickets are printed out beforehand. Every ticket has a code consisting of five numbers from 0 to 99999. Also every of the tickets has identical copies – 160 items. Also each of the ticket has its own shares, which are 10 and they can be bought separately. It means that every year there are 160.000.000 shares available.

Everything in the lottery, beginning form the prizes and finishing with the price of the ticket may not be the same each time. Sometimes these things differ from year to year. For example, some years ago the number of copies differed – they were 190 or 150 or 160.

What is it – to win in the Spanish lottery

As is has been already said earlier, the total amount of prizes is incredible and the hugest in the whole world – more than $2 billion. Other lotteries of the world do not have such prizes. The top prize is equal of $4.000.000. And the chances to get it are rather high. The chances are even bigger than in a popular and wide known lottery MegaMllions.

That player wins, who got all 10 shares and he can claim the prize. Those players, who will match the special code on the ticket, will get the jackpot – they are about 160 players.

When the celebration is held, practically all the adults take part in it.

Want to take part?

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