Lottery winning 16 times in a row!

In New York, one local resident won the lottery more than anyone else. This man does not need to go far to buy some tickets. He – a local businessman, he has his own a shop selling lottery tickets. Armand Paganelli won in 2013 and 2014. Then it was winning 16 times. All his winnings together accounted for a total of more than 624 thousand dollars. He gradually accumulates money. One prize was 250,000, another 25,000 and so on.

BusinessmanAll winning tickets were bought in a shop of Armand, which he owns with his brother. Before that winning was another case in 2011, when a resident has won a jackpot of $ 10 000. His wife, Janice never played the lottery and did not buy tickets. She believes that gambling is bad. He just told her that she has received instead amount.

Such frequent victories for of Armand became a real godsend. But for other people it may seem like a scam. But all this is quite legitimate; he bought tickets at his shop. The law on retail trade allows it.

It would be wrong if we were talking about scratch tickets. If Paganelli was a crook, he could scratch the ticket with a pin and find out is there a prize. So Armand took the ticket and the winning numbers for a selected machine automatically.

Janice decided to just buy something luxurious for her family and bought some beautiful cars.A rmand’s wife said her husband is very fortunate, and she was very happy.But the father of four children believed that he was just lucky and now their family will live better. Armand said he always buys a lot of tickets, because other gambling he does not like. He is sure that most of the people have negative qualities more than positive.

moneyAfter his winnings he was asked how he managed several times and how he could beat the system and the machine. He was embarrassed by the reaction, and tried to think about the people better than they are. The family of Paganelli had this shop for more than 50 years, they are very honest family, which is respected in the district. He does not want to say which numbers he has won, but explains that it’s all automatic.

His winnings go to the children’s education and to help the Relief Society. It helps the youth clubs of their district, as well as participates in other charitable deeds. In his office a lot of thank-you letters and people respect him for helping them. “All that we do is to help other people,” – he said.


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