Big Lottery Winners Often Prize Anonymity

anonymity millionaireIn the small town of Red Bud are no secrets and no secrets. This is a place about which we can say that he is no different from many other small towns. But there is one feature that has made this city special. Winning the lottery is almost 656 million dollars, the jackpot was terrific.

The secrecy of this victory was not long, even for the store where it was sold a lottery ticket. Lottery officials say that the winner has a choice – to be popular, or go into hiding after the victory. Such an act they call a very clever and sometimes correct.

So did the winner of Kansas, which won the March 30 its jackpot. Mr. Wilson said that after his victory to his people came from the headquarters of the lottery, among which was a financial consultant and a lawyer. But Wilson knew his rights and did not want the publicity of his victory. Oddly enough, but he had a right, under the law of Kansas.

Wilson believes that officials sometimes publicly beneficial.

Maybe they are just not accustomed to it and do not know what to do with the winner in this situation.

The third jackpot winning ticket was registered in the state of Maryland. The woman who won the jackpot, too, wanted to remain anonymous so as not to have problems with persistent friends and investment firms.

For these people, the victory meant not only income and wealth, but the temptation of the persistent calls from relatives, friends and people in need, these people knew exactly how they want to invest their money, so they did not need the publicity. They have developed their own strategy for investments and investments, so they do not need financial advisers or lawyers. Maybe this approach may also be considered.

Susan Bradley, a Florida certified financial planner and founder of the Sudden Money Institute says that this fact is quite clear and understandable. “Many people are afraid of publicity, because their lives will change not only the sudden wealth but also new challenges. From the experience of many of the winners, it is better to be alone with yourself, everyone around you speak of your achievements.

Bradley also said that the players know the system and do not want to play, then all to find out about their win. It’s a risk for their future improvement, though the lottery – it’s always a risk. With the acquisition of the jackpot some old problems go away, but with it comes a new, which can be more severe, and sometimes dangerous.

Some states have amended laws lottery, so the winner has the right to choose. But other states do not provide such a choice and the winner immediately receives general public. But there are some people who are trying in every way to avoid it.

An interesting case occurred in Rhode Island, where the winner received $ 60 million. To a woman once came a lawyer from the lottery headquarters and all learned about this victory. Once learned about the winner in the media, there were published its data and the city. After that, she received many letters and phone calls with requests for financial assistance. The woman paid the tax lottery winnings and it was almost 26 million dollars. She decided to spend the money to help the girl with disabilities that need expensive treatment and care.

For the winner it is natural that he wants to remain anonymous, but when you drop a huge jackpot you are at a loss.

For the winner it is normal that he wants to stay in the shade as much as possible. As soon as people find out about your win, they want to ask you for help and you will agree. Often this does not happen because the winner has a weak character; it is because he does not want to offend anyone, especially if it’s a family or friends.

1385071522In Maryland winner said that she lost her check for the prize, so she wanted to look away from his victory. But the lawyer that the winner began to insist on a different outcome and it came even to threats.

This winner has never wanted to receive the prize. Much of the life of this woman has gone in the wrong direction, as expected.

The Illinois Lottery is a law which says that every winner is obliged to express themselves and tell all your data. So the public knows about the new winners and investment companies are able to attack the person proposing to make money in their businesses. The most offensive in this situation is that most of these companies are scams.

Even lottery winner’s forces to arrange a general press conference, lottery officials are trying to help a person to remain anonymous.

Officials say they are trying to help the winners to remain anonymous.

But no one is immune from a resourceful reporter who eventually finds out the truth, and all the data on the winner.

According to statistics, since 2002 in Maryland, only one person has decided to declare victory. The woman and one couple asked to remove their data from the promotional materials, so they decided the issue with his fame and the public.

About a dozen winners did not answer the phone, so they kept their winning secret.

Financial planner commented that for every winner very difficult to have a victory and not be able to say about it to all.

There are even some winners, who are afraid of publicity and therefore they don’t want to receive that prize.

There was an incident in Georgia. The winner was to receive its 77 million dollars, but the 180 days he did not come to pick up their prize. According to the lottery, since 1993 these winners were about 30 people. These people have lost tickets or simply scared of a lot of money, which may not improve even ruin their lives.

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