A lucky ticket of Powerball is sold in a supermarket

The supermarket called Sayreville is selling Powerball tickets. And this time here was bought a ticket, which won $1.000.000. The game was held on Wednesday.

Supermarket Lottery

The numbers, which were lucky, were 2, 30,33, 39,44. And the number of lucky Powerball was 1. The winner could pay one more dollar, in this way he could have a chance to make the exercises on the option Power Play, but he didn’t do that. Otherwise he would wine $2.000.000.

On Saturday there took place one more game, where the jackpot was $60.000.000. But there was no such a person, who managed to match all the numbers. Also there was a Power Play option with the additional prize of $40.000.000. But no one also got it.

Earlier such a lucky chance to win the Powerball had a person, who bought a ticket in the metropolitan. He won $40.000.000. More earlier in New York there were sold tickets, which later brought their owners winnings of $58.000.000 and 137.000.000.

A simple ticket of Powerball costs $2 only. But there are tiny chances to win because more than 175.000.000 people play it all the time.

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