8 Best Ways to Win the Lottery

Winning the lottery will change your life forever. Think about how you would spend the money if you win today, a few million? All winners are real lucky, but others spend money very badly. This winner won the lottery about 94 million pounds, it was a very large jackpot.

Each of the players the same chance of winning the lottery. The risk is very large, but any player can take home a bag with a few million. You must read the recommendations to learn how you can improve your chances of winning. These 8 methods have helped many players, but it’s up to you to believe it or not.Money

1. Use the same numbers.

Try to choose your lucky combination of numbers and stick to them. Maybe it’s birthdays or wedding date or date of birth or date of other important events in your life. Use these numbers continually and someday they will bring you the coveted wealth.

It’s interesting, but when you use the same numbers all the time, then your chances of winning increase dramatically. There is another option, buy tickets more than once or twice a week. This does not mean that you need every day to go to the store and buy ten tickets. It is better to buy them one by one but every day. Many players do this because at some point the winnings increase dramatically increases the number of jackpots.

2. Play with a quick pick numbers.

Play numbers over 31 or use the Quick Picks. So do many of the players who play the lottery ten or even twenty years. Perhaps such a method does not increase your chances of winning. But we know that the lottery is a risk, so you can trust your risk of automatic selection of numbers. A study was conducted and it showed that players often put the date of birth or the date of the wedding. Therefore, you increase your chances if you specify the number after 31.

3. Create a group of people who are also players in the lottery.

A very good way is to create a small group of players. It may be your friends or colleagues. If each of them will buy a ticket, then your chances of winning will be greater. Arrange the time and place of the meeting and together buy one or two tickets. If someone in your group wins the jackpot then he can share his winnings on all members of the group. Lottery Administration says that one of the seven winners was a member of such a group.

4. Use the numbers who have already had a victory earlier.

Perhaps in this example there is no luck or mathematical sense, but it’s a good way to increase your chance to win. Look at old information about what the winning numbers were and use them in your ticket. It is interesting, but an unlucky number 13 has won more often than other numbers.

5. Decide the time of purchase of a lottery ticket.

Many players believe that to increase your chances of winning you need to choose the correct time of ticket purchase. Maybe it’s the correct way, as most of the winners bought their tickets for Friday night. Maybe this is your chance to become a winner, and you need on Friday after work to buy your ticket.

Suddenly you become the winner if on Friday after spending time with friends at the pub you go to the store and buy a lottery ticket.

6. Make a trip to Birmingham, Romford or Dumfries.

Most often in these places have been recorded the most frequent winning the lottery.

Romford boasts the largest victories, where lottery winners have won from 50 000 pounds.

Dumfries located in Scotland has the most millionaires lottery is about 1 per 1,000.

Birmingham is recognized as one of the most successful lottery places where the index has been included many winners.

7. If you choose to play the national lottery, do so in October.

In October, the Lottery has added more balls; it really increased the chances of players to win.

Given the new balls is a new opportunity and risk reduction. In this case, a week can be at one winner is greater than it was with the previous rules and conditions.

Your chances also increase; maybe you will become the second lucky.

8. Highlight the lottery some money and do not go beyond that budget.

People often forget that the lottery is a common gambling. You spend your money and if you do not have a prize, you lose a certain amount of your budget.

To avoid this, divide your finances and set aside the amount for the purchase of lottery tickets. If you do not win the jackpot, then you do not lose all your money. It is convenient; you will see how much money you spent on buying lottery tickets.


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