Why Fool Days are sexy?

Fool day is coming!

Get ready, it will take place on Friday. Make sure you have ideas to monkey around friends and colleagues!

Let us remind the history of such a joyful day!

Oops, the story is mysterious and no one knows exactly the origins of Fool day! We know that celebration first took place somewhere in Europe.

French say it was in France, Spanish that it was in Spain, Italians that it was in Italy…Confusing, but mysterious history believes it was in France.

The reason.

Why it appeared? Who knows! Some people believe it was connected with use of new Gregorian calendar instead of Julian.
All in all, the origins of holiday are old enough, as we know, they appeared in 16th century.

Well, enough history, let us think about celebration.


So what ideas can you use?

Nowadays, we must be grateful to shops that sell lots of cool staff for inoffensive tricks (as well as offensive ones). You can buy some plastic spiders, snakes, worms ( which look incredibly realistic) and add them to lunch of your mates and colleagues. So let us think about jokes we can do and some creative ways of celebrating Fool Day!

  1. You can buy lottery ticket! When if not at Fool Day?
  2. You can share Oreo cookies with your colleagues! But don’t forget before offering a cookie to replace filler with toothpaste!
  3. You can also be friendly and suggested some Cola (be sure to drink soft drink yourself and fill bottle with say-bin sauce!
  4. Don’t forget to visit shop with cool devices for making jokes! Now you can find there everything! Plastic spiders, snakes, pens, which can imitate small explosion, parts of body (fingers look realistic!). You may create a small package for your mate: model of finger, lots of ketchup and your joke will be great.

So, turn on your imagination and make this day unforgettable!


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