Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Interesting Facts About Saint Patrick’s

All over the world on 17th of March, everyone wears green clothes and tries to turn into Irish to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day!

But what do we know about him?

Why people wear green?

Who was Saint Patrick?

Was Saint Patrick Irish?

What the World Would Be Like If The Answers Might Surprise You Didn’t Exist?

But, well, they still exist, so you will be surprised, for sure!


Saint Patrick wasn’t Irish, but at the age of 16 he was kidnapped by Irish pirates.

And, actually, his real name isn’t Patrick, at all. He changed it while he was a slave.

This holiday is celebrated more than 1,000 years already!

Traditional dish of this holiday is cabbage and corned beef.

Today the celebration of saint Patrick’s Day is believed to be the oldest civilian parade in the whole world!

Saint Patrick used to live in fifth century, but still he remains the main patron saint of the Ireland

Every year more and more people are suffer from hangover after Saint Patrick’s day celebration.

This holiday is normally celebrated in the pubs with enormous quantity of beer and whiskey.


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